Saturday, 15 November 2014

My friend in the USA sent me a special gift

I have many friends across the world! One lady I have met is Michelle we found each other as we both have rheumatoid arthritis and we have spoken many times. She welcomed me into a group on social media allowing me to connect with others mainly in America, it's such a fantastic group. They do a special swap called "the spoon swap" in which we are paired and send each other a spoon either brought or home decorated. My gift is still in the post so I won't post mine! But Michelle sent me 3 spoons and 1 has such meaningful words I will take it on my travels and take a photo :) I wanted to thank Michelle and share the spoon with you all 

Her son also sent me a spoon which is a smiley face and it makes me smile every day along with a beautiful pink decorated spoon with sparkles I love them all. The spoon above quote is "vicky may this always be your extra spoon" 

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