Saturday, 15 November 2014


So I'm off to football Boxing Day to see Manchester United v Newcastle United with my friend Shaun and I'm really excited for this day! 

Now you have to dress smart and the rules say no trainers, OH NO! Now Shaun did speak to them and for medical reasons they said I could however with the outfit I had in mind I just couldn't wear trainers! 

So that lead me think I need Togo shopping! Now shoe shopping fills me with absolute dread! Partly because I just want to wear high heels and partly because I know how frustrating it is these days! 

So off we went to birmimgham my closest city! Now it's not my favourite place and certainly isn't my brothers! 

After a frustrating start and a few hours of various shoe shops I was feeling a little sad that I wouldn't find anything so i brought a Christmas present! We were about to give up then we dropped into Clarkes and was helped by a really nice sales person! Who gave me a few different choices, I loved some boots but they had a heel but they did fit me! I tried a high heeled pair unfortunately my foot just wouldn't go into that position! Finally I tried a new brand on for me and suddenly had to choose between two pairs, this is unheard of since I was diagnoised! I am happy to say I now have a pair of shoes and am lookimg forward to my upcoming trip to Manchester :) 

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