Saturday, 29 November 2014

Turning 30!!!

Next year I turn 30! Now when I was younger I use to wish I was as old as my cousin Carolyn LOL who ironically turns 35 tomorrow! However now I'm heading to the big 30 I don't want to be that old any more!! I'm sure some of my readers have been there heading to the big 30 it's like it marks true adulthood lol!! 

I remember turning 21 and saying to my mum the next birthday will be 30 it seemed a life time away! I of course expected my mum to be here celebrating with me as she did with my  18th 21st and well my 18th is better not spoken about haha! A small insight I got very drunk (thanks mum) and I couldn't read my speech thanking various friends and of course my family oh and James who I nearly forgot In my drunken state if it hadn't been for his dad!!

Now like many people I had an imagine of what my 30th would be like, I mean for a start I would be walking and causing mayhem! I had invisisadged my mum would be here planning a surprise party surrounded by friends and family. I mean who wouldn't!

Instead I'm not waking which upsets me but I won't let it stop me, I mean imagine all the toes I can run over!! But most importantly my mum won't be here to spend my 30th with me and that upsets me so much, I mean it's a big birthday and she should be here celebrating with me I know she will be with me in spirit though, my mum would never miss a party!! 

As for what I'm doing who knows I would like to extend the celebrations for as long as possible! I'm seeing mcbusted a month after my 30th to the day! I shall wake up in Manchester on my birthday with my cousin :) so that will be nice and hopefully I'll see some friends too. We are going for a family meal on the build up to my birthday as well, be nice for us all to be together it doesn't happen much since my mum passed away. Of course there will be some others missing my mum and my granddad who are both no longer with us. My nan but I'll go see her for a hug I'm sure and of course my uncle andy as he lives in Canada.

So I'll leave my ramblings here I'm not sure why I wrote this, I guess it was just to get off my chest how I feel, the differences and who's missing. 

So here's to turning 30 wheelchair and all!! 

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