Saturday, 15 November 2014

Scrapbooking memories

So I normally have a memory box which holds old tickets etc to remember things I've done since I've had rheumatoid.

However since my rheumatoid has got worse it was getting harder and harder to get the box out the wardrobe so I had to consider a new approach!

So I went into town with my dad today and brought a bumper sketch pad and so,e coloured pencils and got my hands on stuff in the living room that I had yet to put in my box and started to put it all together. With some glue I had in the house.

Now many of you know I've been having hand therapy and today I could see those exercises and stretches did me good, I could use the scissors, push glue out of my squeeze bottle it seemed an achievement! 

So I'll show you my absolute favourite page so far! 

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