Saturday, 29 November 2014

Heart stories

Even before I got rheumatoid I got but u don't look sick even thought I have a heart condition. I mean how would they know I have a heart condition they can not see it but then how does anyone know there friend/work collegue hasn't got an invisable illness? Just because you can not see it doesn't mean if is not there.

When I tell people I had open heart surgery at 4 years old they say wow ain't you brave or at such a young age or oh so your fixed now? No no I am NOT fixed I live with congenital heart disease I may need further surgery when I'm older who knows. I have tetrology of fallots and I'm proud I'm a survivor.

Now I tell you a story as a little baby my mum knew no one else with a heart condition she needed to reach out which she did too a family an organisation that helped my mum and they S and R became part of my life and there daughter E.

I don't remember a lot but what I can tell you is my mum and S use to have long chats when they caught up or on the phone! As I grew up and we went on holidays I use to get into a little mischief with E .. All I'm saying is sand bay and mud!! Those were the days!!

Through E and then "teenage young at heart" I made lots of friends who were like me heart kids .. We did an activity holiday .. Now absailing was never going to be my fortay but hey a nice looking instructure helped us down (thank you that man!!) or the time we went to Weston and drank blue ice drinks and made our lips blue, terrible trick to play!! Or the time we danced and sang to reach for the stars! 

We all had heart problems invisable illnesses no one else knew but us coz we were just ordinary teens having fun to others! That's my point though don't judge a book by it's cover you don't know if someone is sick.

My mum died in 2008 and the people mum reached out to in the early years came to pay there respects they were there until the end for my mum.

Now all in our late twenties early 30s we are still friends and shared things though Social media, those memories are special :) 

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  1. Hi Vicky. Your story caught my attention when I was researching the topic of arthritis and heart disease. I'm interested in interviewing you for a US magazine for the arthritis community. If you're interested, please contact Paul at Thank you in advance.