Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Southampton away

Three weeks ago I got an unexpected email saying "congratulations you have Southampton away tickets" woohoo! Now I won't lie,it cheered me up but it also filled me with dread returning back to Southampton.

So because the game was changed to a Monday night game the original person said they couldn't attend, which I fully understood. I tried a few others no luck! Then my mums friend son said he could come fantastic that's that sorted.

Fast forward to the day before the game, oh no he has a sickness bug and after advise was best not to risk it as I couldn't risk getting Ill. I was very lucky to have a friend step in and help and found someone to go with .. Unfortunately that fell through as well!! 

Returning to Southampton was a huge step for me due to an incident that occurred, I won't go into details but it wasn't very nice. Arriving back at Southampton Central was stomach clenching. I felt sick, and dizzy but I needed Togo for myself.

Well upon arriving I met with one of my arthritis friend for the first time and it was so lovely to meet her. Town was heaving with supports! After a brief trip down memory lane and seeing my old uni halls (I thought I was going to throw up) funny enough I didn't stop talking I think my nerves got the better of me! 

I met my friends lovely dog Logan and cat coco what beautiful animals. Although Logan is a jack Russell just like my Ben and he put Ben to shame he was so well behaved!! 

My friend rang Southampton and they told us that I could go to the game and just get me to the stewards, great time to get ready, I wrapped up very warm! 

We arrived at st Mary's and greeted by the traffic personal who allowed us to park by the blocked off road so my friend could take me up. Now on greeting the first steward they were like oh I don't know and when I said I'm an away supporter she said that's even worse!! We were taken to the away end, where the stewards were still uming and aring, my friend kept saying about the reception, I was saying I will be fine, defiantly ok! I told them I had friends in the crowd! They eventually agreed as long as my friend met me after! So off I went Into the game! 

I'm sitting right by the pitch and thinking oh my god I'm at an away match on my own in a wheelchair and a female ... Sugar! Then I got into the game singing loudly and cheering! I even went flying forward when RVP scored our second goal!! My heart was pumping I can assure you of that!! The fans were fantastic all 3,500 of us! The people around me and near by asked if I was ok and I'm like yeah, we were fist bumping in happiness! Lol

The staff at Southampton fc were fantastic allowing my friend to park close by to drop and pick me up and the steward who supported me to and from my seat also fantastic and she kept asking if I was ok and giving me the thumps up to make sure I was ok.

I was FINE and I really enjoyed my away day experience. I'm not going to lie when I realised I was going on my own to a game I nearly cried infact I nearly told my friend I wasn't going to attend I was a little scared but I am so glad that I did it. One female .. One united fan ... Alone .. One big I DID IT!!! 

I was going to stay at my friends unfortunately it wasn't practical shame I fancied cuddling up to Logan! So instead I went to my hotel and we chatted until 1am in the morning ops! She then went home and i tried to get some sleep. Unfortunately a hard bed and sitting In the cold for 3 hours wasn't going to end well and I ended up crying in pain painkillers taken and lots of hot water an a towel on my shoulder! I eventually ended up going back to sleep before my friend was back saying time to get up vicky! 

Then it was time to head home 2 and a half hour trip home and ready for an appointment!  I then fell asleep for half an hour before my cousin came around 7 I don't remember much about it apart from getting my gel on! I then slept for 12 solid hours and my joints are hurting but I'm ok!

So thanks to Southampton fc, the united fans because I could easily have felt uneasy and thanks to my friend you all paid your part.

Final words from me ... The past is the past and I confronted it yet to be conquered but I made a positive step. I overcame a lot of things with going to this game and I am so proud of myself.

Ladies and gents don't give up on what you love because of disability, you can achieve anything and everything you desire.


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