Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas week is upon us!

So this week is always made busy it's not being helped by a flare up!

So Monday arrived and a busy today I managed to get up relatively early, have my reiki treatment which always helps my pain levels and hopefully means I will get a good sleep tonight, here's hoping as I havnt been sleeping that well. Then off to get the turkey and other meat I ordered in October as I like to buy the meat for my dad for Christmas, then off we went to the dreaded supermarket. Now I will let you into a little secret i hate food shopping! Today was worse I needed some cat food for over the Christmas period, one supermarket was that bad there was no cat food and worse the ques were hideous! Next supermarket was a bit calmer but I swear we went round about eight times! Now a busy supermarket isn't good for me ith the wheelchair I end up taking people's ankles or getting baskets in my face! The fun of the supermarket! Then me and my brother decided to spend some time together and go off to watch Annie at the cinema fantastic film, also good accessibility for wheelchairs at the cinema we go to.

Tomorrow I am going to brave the shops once more! I have a parcel to post that I forgot about today (my memory is so bad!) then I have Togo and get a few more gifts and then wrap and delievery and then rest! I'm going to see my cousin Tuesday night so give her the gifts for the girls and her and hubby. 

Then it's Christmas Eve! First up I'm going to see my nan with my brother, I hope she likes the gift I got her. Then I'm off to get my hair done :) then for some food wi my dad :) then an early night.

Christmas day I will get up early, and give some little treats to my dog Ben and the cats. Then off to my dads for Christmas lunch and most likely a little nap lol! Then home to watch the soaps. 

Boxing Day, every year changes for me, three years ago I went to my aunties and spent time with my mums side of the day. Last year I spent the day with my friend Katy at the pub for food and wine!! This year however I am up early and off to Old Trafford to see my team play, with my friend Shaun, thank you for asking me to come with you Shaun it meant a lot to me. Staying over in Manchester until the Saturday.

Saturdays shall be home and relax after a busy week!!! 

I would like to wish all my readers A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very happy 2015 


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