Monday, 29 December 2014

A Boxing Day treat

Well after a lovely Christmas Day spending time with my dad and brother. Which I got lots of lovely gifts  from my family all rheumatoid family ESP loving my new bag! 

So I woke up early Boxing Day and got ready for Shaun to arrive. He arrived around 9.15am and off we went up to Manchester making good time. Now why is it when u have lots of time do you end up rushing! Or is that just me lol!! 

Anyway we had food and drink, and meet some club legends while eating our lunch. For someone with an eating disorder it wasn't the best, I mean I'm quite a fussy eater because of it. 

I got two pictures with legends of the club which I've included in this blog, hope you like them.

Special thanks to Shaun for inviting me much appreciated.

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