Sunday, 21 December 2014

Medical review 2014!!

This year has been up and down on many fronts so here it goes!!! 

Firstly tackle the hearing. Well I got new hearing aids at the end of 2013 that were in the ear ones but they kept falling out due to transferring so I went back to audiology and they seemed a little "stuck" in the end they found me a headband aid, it's proper old school, I had one when I was younger except now it's digital! Unfortunately although it worked it hurts as it has to sit on the bone and tight at that! So next stop was to see my ENT consultant who is really nice. He decided to look down my ears and decided that he would send me for a CT scan, and we discussed the two options at this point. First is to go under general anersetic and see if he can reconstruct my ear bones or secondly to go to another hospital and have a BAHA done. I see him in January to discuss the CT scan results and I'll find out what he thinks is the next step, I'll keep you posted!!

My eating is a lot better after being discharged from my eating disorder clinic I have managed to maintain my weight a whole 6 stone! I have eaten more foods, there's still a lot of work to do but I'm defiantly improving in a positive way, so I'm sure we will discuss this more next year! 

My depression has been up and down all year I hope with some none medication treatment I can get a better hold on it next year.

My hands after having therapy on them we have seen some improvements it's been tough but seeing the positive improvements makes me really happy! 

Physio has been hard but again seeing positive results. Next year I have 1 more hand physio appointment then we are going Into the water for some hydrotherapy which we all hope will further improve that leg of mine. We are also looking at a plaster cast to again aid the recovery, who knows what 2015 holds but I can say that my leg is straighter I can touch the end of the bath lol!! 

As for my rheumatoid, it's been a tough year, I have flare ups lasting longer and more painful than ever. The fatigue has been worse, I mean sleeping for 19 hours is unheard of for me! I am getting stronger in some areas and weaker in others! It's certainly been a rise this year, maybe in 2015 we can further kick RA's butt together. 

Heart wise I'm ok my valve is leaking but not real change since my last echo thankfully.

So that's my brief round up of my health in 2014, 

Here's to a happy and health 2015 :) xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing, brave lady! You confront so much on a daily basis! You are so courageous but I don't think you even realize it!!!!
    Love you!