Saturday, 16 November 2013

Attend a concert!

A music concert but how will you manage?!

Now ill let you into a secreat here, i was never much into music as i grew up! I mean i listened to music, take that, Busted, Mcfly but i never thought oh i have togo to a concert, and when i needed the wheelchair i thought oh no ive missed my chance but NO!!!

I went to a live concert just before the wheelchair with 2 friends and i LOVED IT and had the bug a few months later i just managed to get to a JLS concert with a friend the stairs were a bit worrying!!

Then the wheelchair came and i thought hmm what now? But guess what, i found the disabled line, niow if you look in my mobile youll fine, Wembley disabled,  O2 disabled, LG Disabled, Phones 4 u arena disabled! These numbers have become essential to my concert days, they offer wheelchair accessable places to sit and watch a concert, and its a lot of fun!

This is from Manchester seeing JLS :)

Seeing Olly Murs at the O2 London

Back at Manchester for Olly Murs

Here i am at the O2 at a different area

Wembley stadium to see robbie williams Summer 2013

Take That at Wembley stadium my first concert in a wheelchair!

So as you can see i have been to various locations to see different artists and i really enjoy it. My message dont let the wheelchair stop you from seeing your favourite artists i certainly dont :) xx

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