Saturday, 16 November 2013

Fly Alone

Flying alone - no way!!

My first flight was back in 2003 from Birmingham to Majorca and i wasnt overly keen but accepted that it was something i had todo to enjoy holidays as i have a travel bug. Life kind of took over at this and i didnt use my passport again until 2012!!!

Now ive flown a number of times with other people by my side so you have that comfort.

I wanted to visit my friend Jo at her home in France and going on the Eurostar wasnt an opition and im no good at sea (but thats another story!!) so i had to fly!!

The build up was full of worry and panic would i be ok what about the airport alone!! But at 3am one June morning i took the plunge and made me way to Birmingham airport with my brother, i did have luggage!! Off i went to the terminal checked in and it was time to say goodbye to my brother, i felt really anxious, i actually wanted to take him with me at this point!

I was led through security by an assistant and then left at departures for my gate to be called! I was talking to the guy who was waiting for my gate to be called i was feeling more and more anxious but kept talking LOL

Now it was time to get on the plane, using an ambi i was on the plane seatbelt on, chatted to the airhostess and then it occured to me "OMG IM ON THE PLANE" no turning back now!! You have to remember im in a wheelchair so i need help from people and i was on this plane alone! I counted to 10 as we took off then spelt my name and a friends twice then we was at altertude and i was happy taking pictures and i fell asleep.

Here i am on a Monarch flight to Nice in June 2013 all by my self I DID IT! Despite my fear and the wheelchair!

This is my favourite shot from the plane as we are heading for Nice airport.

So my message is if you PLAN and get the right help and the right airline you can fly too. Believe me i had a fear of flying im now cured and looking forward to my next trip to the sun with my brother :)

Believe in yourself no matter what your disability you can achieve xx

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