Saturday, 16 November 2013

Go to the Olympics

London 2012

London won the great sporting show on earth the olympic games!! I can not tell you how excited i was that day!! I wasnt in a wheelchair then but always knew id go to the olympics no matter what!!

But my life changed due to getting rheumatoid arthritis and i sat here worrying and telling my dad i wanted togo to the olympics and he told me to go for it dont let it stop you, he knew how much going meant to me. So i sat on my laptop in 2011 talking to my friend as we requested tickets .. alot of tickets!!! In the hope we would get some and we DID!!! We got tickets for a number of events (my friend also went alone and i went with my brother too). We were both excited. I was so thankful to the Olympics to making sure that the games was accessable for everyone and that included the routes to the sites including the olympic village.

So i went tio London 2012 and i will never forget that experience the thrill of being there, i guess it is a memory that will last a life time and i did it regardless of my wheelchair why because i didnt let it stop me!

This was my view of the badmington at wembley arena 

I love this picture showing the Olympic stadium

My view for a history making hockey match as it went down to penalities!

I am so glad i experienced the Olympics and i have managed to achieve another of my dreams seeing the Olympic Games live and in England too a truely magical experience!

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