Wednesday, 13 November 2013

50 big ones!

So i was sat here last night and i thought what can i do to help build awareness that people in wheelchairs can still have fun and do things they enjoy. What did i come up with a list of 50 things that will show that disabled people can still do despite there disability its a fun list and some personal things. Admitadly there is some of the list that ive already achieved that i will include but ill also write about that experience. I should maybe do a personal one too but its kind of combined so will be fun filled. Im not going to say im going todo it all in a year because with a disability you never know what tomorrow will bring. The last few weeks have been tough on a personal level and i think thats whats lead to this lead. I shall write up my list later on as im 10 short at the moment!I hope that i can achieve them all and people will take positivity from this adventure but also enjoy the journey. v xx

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