Saturday, 14 March 2015

Bit of this and that!

So I have written a lot recently about my travels following Manchester United which has been great fun and I've met lots of new people and had some good times and some not so good times. But I thought I'd go back a bit to tell you a few things so here's goes.


So over the last month or so my pain has been high I mean most would be crying and screaming but I'm kind of lucky I have a high pain thresh hold so I tend to know it's there but can carry on through it. I mean imagine breaking your leg and screaming yes it feels like that 24/7 but don't worry I'm a tough lady and I'll keep on smiling


In general my ra hasn't been too bad recently my hands have been very sore though but I'm sure it'll get bet better in time! My legs are doing well no pain no gain ,. No pain no further movement! 

Experiences with disability

I've had quite a few recently of people being dam rude or just not being considerate although I've had good points as well! As I told you I got stuck round a pole in Dublin which a nice guy helped me out of that problem! But the real problem there was not my driving LOL but the fact the chair was not up to the job and the company have since apologised!

Another matter was in Manchester we was in a pub having a drink as it was my birthday. Anyway I needed the toilet and guess what no wheelchair accessible toilets so we had to go out of the venue and in to another following a bouncer just to use the toilet, not really acceptable in today's day and age.

I need to further look at access at a hotel I'm hoping it's better than it appears from the outside! 

Lifts in London for the tube and dlr are a nightmare I mean who outs a random lift no where near the station for a disabled person, way to go making them feel second rate! 

Buses in London, when a disabled person wants to get on the bus how about moving your buggy because that space is for wheelchairs .. No instead drivers just drive past stating someone is in it what a child in a pram, fold your pram up! 

People talking to the person pushing the wheelchair instead of me it's so rude and to be honest makes you feel bad, you know I have a brain right?


Firstly it's really sad but it's been necasry to start deleting people some of these I've known for over 10 years but if they continually let me down and promise to meet up then never do I'm afraid I don't have the energy for these people any more. I've been really looking long and hard at my friendships because some times u have to let go to move forward and even long term friendships don't last forever.

I am lucky I have some really good friends, I mean I know technically my cousin isn't my "friend" but she's like my best friend/cousin/sister all in one! She's always there for advice and the good times and the bad too. 

Where as others aren't there for the bad and even the good, just look at my birthday! However Eric did come out and we had a fantastic night even if none of us really have a clue about the night, well I don't lol! 

I've also met some new friends along the way aprecently and met up with old friends like my recent trip to Olf Trafford and I caught up with Martin and that was lovely.

New or old friends it doesn't matter what matters is you take me for who I am and wether I'm in the wheelchair forever or start walking it shouldn't matter.

What I've been up 

I need to do a couple of new blogs about my recent trip to old Trafford with Martin but it's still hurts! Also my recent trip to London with Kat

What's up coming

Well next weekend I am going to Manchester and Liverpool more on that in the coming weeks I am sure! 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Keep smiling and remember just because I have 4 wheels doesn't make me less of a person

Thanks for reading and your on going support with my battle with rheumatoid 

Much love xx


  1. A very thoughtful and truthful blog Vicky and i think a lot of people can relate to what you have said. I know i can darling.xxxx

  2. Very good posting Vicky! I hadn't even thought about the tube & busing system...And, well, frankly it's been so long since I've been in London, and as it's an international city, and having hosted the Olympics and everything, I just figured they had progressed with modern times. I am shocked, horrified really, and disappointed to hear they haven't. Shame on them.

    As for cutting losses with friends who aren't really friends...sadly, we've all been there. It's healthy to recognize those who are but a dead weight round our necks and cutting loose from that is quite freeing.

    As for Carolyn: I wish she could join you when you come visit us, as I think she's fab and would love to meet her too (plus think of the FUN you'd have on the plane--or should I say "the trouble you two could cause"!!! ROFL)

    Sorry you've been in such pain...I completely sympathize and (literally) feel your pain!