Monday, 23 March 2015

Liverpool v Manchester United

In July 2014 I applied for away games and one was Liverpool at Anfield and I never thought I'd get a ticket for this match as it's a big match but as uve seen I did!! 

Not long after my 30th I found out I was going to be going to Liverpool away and I was excited! I had said I'd go with my pal Duncan unfortunately he wasn't available for the game (maybe next season!) So in the end I was going Togo and watch mcbusted on Saturday night with my cousin and then go football! Anyway long and short of it was I didn't go to mcbusted and I didn't go with my cousin! I ended up going with a fellow united friend that I'd met at the Cambridge fa cup tie! 

So I was up really early I'm talking 6am my stomach was in knots and my pain was high! Anyway I had to pack my stuff as I'd been here a few days (that's for a different time!) So I eventually got up and dressed and started to pack before I knew it the lads were saying ready? Nope I wasn't! But it didn't take long, thanks lads! 

We checked out and made a b line for a taxi down to bishop Blaize it was only about 9am, I don't think I've ever been in a pub that early! My stomach was in knots and if I had eaten I think I'd have puked on them all! I'd never felt so nervous before a game but then my game routine was different so that's probably why! After the lads had some food and a drink we was ready for the off at 11.30am!

Now I've never traveled my coach before but today was the day that would change! So we get to the bus and peter and another guy got the wheelchair and lifted me up! I was on then Gordon was behind me lifting me into my seat, well more supporting me! As peter folded the wheelchair up! Then everyone else got on! 

Then we were off to Liverpool now I'd never traveled on a bus before so I was a little apprehensive even at this point but all was fine, laughing joking and a bit of singing all the way to Liverpool! 

Then we arrived and parked up! Now this time peter got off the coach with my wheelchair and put it back together and I shuffled to the end of my seat next min I knew Gordon had lifted me up and passed me to someone else and I was before I knew it my wheelchair and a little stunned! 

The walk well push up to Anfield was fine even though I just have looked a bit wary to others! We asked a steward where Togo and was taken to out entrance where we said bye to Gordon who was off to the away end! We were taken into the home end with Liverpool supporters! We accidently ran a few ankles (he was new to the wheelchair it happens to everyone!!)

Then we arrive at our bay and the sudden realisation we are surrounded with Liverpool fans and our fans are already singing and pointing at the home fans .. U no that moment when you want to shout don't point down here we are united fans to!! I met Kevin and Martin on this trip which was lovely we had a good chat! 

Here's the view before the nets were taken down

And me and my friend peter 

Now I won't bore you with a game report! But to say that it was a shame we couldn't be with our own fans but glad the stewards respected our view so well done Liverpool stewards! 

More importantly though we only went and WON the game! Oh and Mr Stevie G got a red card 40 seconds he was on!! 

After the match we were told we could wait for our fans or leave but for our own safety we might want to wait! Well we did for a bit then thought ah bugger in off we went the united wheelchair fans in groups! Back to our bus and peter managed to get me on and in my seat before the rest arrived although had a bit of help from someone!

A very happy trip back to Manchester was had by all on a loud bus! Happy united fans are the best! A little drink up on our return to Manchester before going our separate ways! I kissed my train home and had to get a later train! On a plus though managed to get off my train back in Birmingham hurray!! 

So final words, happy we beat Liverpool on my first trip to Anfield as well! Thanks to peter and Gordon much appreciated! Oh and thanks to all that helped on the coach for helping and making me feel welcome, I was a bit shy! 

My final words are, united fans can get a bat name but we are really one big family and I always feel safe with them around me no matter where we are, home, away or traveling! Until next time football family MUFC! 

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the game,my son wasn't happy your team one though darling.xxxx