Friday, 6 March 2015

Newcastle united v Manchester United

In the words of the united fans "oh what a night!"

My first trip to St James's park in a wheelchair I wasn't too sure what to expect. Firstly hurray we got free parking by the ground which was ideal for us as it was under ground too, this was of course booked in advance! 

So Wednesday I woke up and my rheumatoid is still giving me grief but I battled through. I got ready and before I knew it andy was here for the journey up north! The journey was nice we chatted about lots of different things and it seemed to pass quite quickly until we hit the long 50mph zone that seemed to drag for agies! Before I knew it we saw the monument than means .. "Welcome to the north" to many! 

I took this as we drove past! As you can see it was a lovely evening in Newcastle! Upon getting to the ground we had to ask where we could park the car and were directed and then when we met those stewards they directed us again, we had made it with a painkiller taken on the way as my joints were seriously hurting.

We sat in the car and ended up laughing at something which was hilarious to be fair! Lets just say those northern lasses don't have slam there boots!! LOL

Then we went for a little trip around the stadium and saw the famous steps and of course got a picture outside 

I was ready for a good evening!! 

Getting into the stadium was relatively easy with a lift to the 7th tier I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't a steward to help wheelchair users and others with mobility issues use the lift first! Once we had reached the 7th level we realised we was at access 20 and where the disabled toilet was (not my access point) so we had to poke and shout out way through the united fans .. Have you heard my roar haha!!! Upon reaching access 18 we found our seat quickly which was a really good view of the pitch and I loved being able to see Newcastle light up at night.

I was actually quite warm but then andy had his flag in front of us so I think that protected me from the wind a little!! The fans were in high spirits singing throughout! Then the 89th minute goal arrived and OMG it went mad happiness, relief, cheering, singing louder! When the final whistle went the fans were going out full of joy and singing! A fantastic atmospher! 

Here I am looking knackered and my hair looking dodgy after removing the famous pink hat!! 

Thank you Newcastle your stadium is a credit to you and disabled facilities some of the best I've seen at away grounds this season! 

We drove to scotch journey via a divert, I took more pain relief and had an unsettled sleep tossing and turning with pain. They journey home seemed quite quick and the recovery began! 

I'm off to Old Trafford Monday for the FA cup game against Arsenal, be good to get back to our home ground! 

Thank you Newcastle and see you Monday old Trafford! 

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  1. Glad you had a good time & that they were fairly accommodating!!!