Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I had an early night Thursday well for me anyway! I was up really early Friday morning and unfortunately my rheumatoid was on full flow as well! I needed to get dressed and rheumatoid didn't wish to allow so I had a cry trying! I did manage it with a bit of tough talk to myself "get a grip vicky" lol

I left my house at 7:15am and that is very early for an angry rheumatoid body! Now I eventually made it to London about 10:10am and had a decent journey down bar traffic and so forth! 

I then pulled myself around to the cash machine and I was knackered good job my physio has been building my muscles up or I doubt I'd have made it there not alone back again! Then I went back and asked the lovely people at network rail to help to get a cab thankfully they obliged, eventually! 

Then I got in a cab and off to meet my pal Kat! We had been texting all morning and various things how texts can make you laugh and smile! 

First meeting went well and we were a head of time so felt quite pleased! We headed into London for a bus so we could head over to the docklands in London. However after getting off our first bus we found out the next was re-routed so we had to walk! So off we went (well Kat was pushing me!) we got to a standstill! We had the pleasure of watching the aircrafts flying over London and then the military personal march past in the parade to signal the end of operations in Afghanistan, it was a moving thing to witness.

After we were aloud to get going again we had the pleasure of being mis directed (thanks!!!) and were walking around London a little lost with a mobile phone for navigation! We found a tube station who re directed us again and we found a lift down to the DLR (docklands light railway!). Unfortunately this at the place we joined meant a change! So off we went changing our trains! We then went for a walk a little lost lol! We eventually found a hotel and asked and were told to go back on ourselves! We got back to the station and had to re arrange the meeting for another day as we had only 30 mind to get back into Central London! 

Back on the DLR to canning town to join the jubliee line to Waterloo! Then jump in a taxi to the savoy, taxis never do strap me lucky Kat had hold of the wheelchair really! We arrived at the savoy a little late! We had a look at the venue via the kitchens due to wheelchair access! 

Then off to our last meeting and this one we arrived early for, hurray! Weelchair access was much better at this venue! 

I took a couple of snaps at this point for my America friends! 

Here's one I took! 

We then made out way back to euston station and had some food at nandos and had a good chat about the day and life in general! 

Then the long journey home, my uncle met me at Birmingham and it was good to see him after a long day! The motorway was down to 1 lane so it took a while to get home! I got home around 9:30pm 

Over all a long exhausting day however productive! Also was lovely to see Kat before we head up to Manchester in May to see Take That! 

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  1. Lovely darling you have been getting about and it is good for you.xxx