Thursday, 26 March 2015

Just when you think you are seeing the light

The past few months I havnt been able to blog so much because I have been up and out quite a lot what with football, Manchester and of course my trip to Dublin all of which have been fantastic!

Then you have to come home and reality hits again and maybe when you though things were going ok but really they were not as good as you thought.

I mean I'm not saying anything is terribly wrong, I'm just saying things could be better in some areas.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Well the good news of course if my knee extension has yet again improved I mean who'd have thought that? My knee has gone from 87 degre angel to 67 degree angel which is just massive for me, I mean I still can not stand for long or walk but it's better than any of us though it could get so I have to be pleased with that progress. 

On the other side of the coin, my very stiff and pain is very bad and in my physios words "your the worse I've seen you in a long time" make your own mind up from that evaluation.

It's not just rheumatoid there is so very much more to this but you know I just can not go Into that right now, because it am still working it out in my own head what went wrong? What the hell happened? 

But you know when I've worked that out I'll be sure to update you all.


I had my hearing assessment today which was long but ok, well bar finding out my right ear is well quite useless, but that's another story all together! 


You see a girl in a wheelchair ... You may think that poor soul, how bad must she be at 30 stuck I'm that wheelchair, maybe im should take pitty on her 

I might be 30 I'm a wheelchair and on my own but my brain works perfectly well thank you and I feel everything like you guys I have feelings you know? 

Just because I am in a wheelchair does not mean I am not independant maybe not as much as I'd like to be but I am.

I live by myself and have done for a number of years, guys may have left me because they could not cope with this disease, friends may have left for the same reason. But guess what 


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  1. Your one strong young lady and don't you forget it.xxxx