Sunday, 29 March 2015

Just because

You see ibe thought about this blog for a lomg time now, considered weather it should be dome or not but I decided tonight that I'm just going todo it!

So you see pre-rheumatoid I had a heart problem but that was all I would happily get my favourite dress on and my high heels and go out with my partner at the time. Or even go and sit at a sporting event in my jeans a jumper! And people still saw me as a person a young person all be it! 

Fast forward to a few years a go and suddenly I had a wheelchair as well and suddenly I became invisable I mean not totally because lets face it if you know me in have a big mouth and not afraid to use it! Esp shouting at football matches! 

But the truth is I lost a lot of confidence, a lot of friends a lot of people didn't see me as they use to me .. A strong minded female .. All of a sudden I was "vicky in a wheelchair" 


Now if uve followed my blog a while u will know of my adventures it took me a while to have the confidence Togo out and do things in my wheelchair and I am lucky that not all people only see the wheelchair I am lucky I have some friends and not just my footie mates 

This is me in my wheelchair wrapped for a football game at Newcastle, some people will see the wheelchair not the we smile not the girl who's traveled to see her team, not the girl inside 

These are pictures of me standing for a short few seconds or standing out of the wheelchair in my going out clothes .. 

So really what's the difference to a person able or in a wheelchair .. Yes I know the wheelchair but beyond that nothing ..

So this post is really brave but I'm putting it out there to help others who like me want to be seen as a person not just a wheelchair.

Blog soon


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  1. Brave blog Vicky and a lot of people will understand what your saying and can sympathise with every