Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Claire, Liv and Katy

So this post is to three very special friends..

Claire we have been friends for 4 years now and what fun we have had! U was my friend at the start of this journey when you saw it starting to the point it is today and you have stood by me through it all. You have come to concerts you have stayed in hotels incase i needed help and even helped me get dressed to go out. You have talked to me when i've felt so low i didn't know what to do any more. You really have stuck by me and for that i am forever greatful, you even take me shopping and we do love shopping and it puts a smile on my face you just treat me like vicky not vicky+rheumatoid.i love you as a friend and would be lost know im always here for you. xxxx

Katy we have been friends a long time! From Bournville studying Law .. you saw me full of energy walking about haha never a dull moment, always away at the weekend my suitcase in law every friday! Then you've seen the heart break in southampton, the pain of loosing my mum, the rheumatoid and everything in between, its been a rocky road and you have always stayed by myside and said "your still the same vicky to me" You even wrapped my christmas gifts up for me, your a true friend, even when i couldnt eat we'd joke about eating then babies food! You got me to eat in a public place for the first time, you didnt watch me but you did encourage me. For that and everything else you have done for me i will be greatful forever you are an amazing person, i love you as a friend and would be lost know im always here for you. xxx

Oh livvy we have had some good times we have known each other a very long time now and you have not once gone oh shit even when i've took your dummy off you! Attempted to take me through a shop window even stalling on a major roundabout! You have still been there we have had some fun over the years, you have always said do what makes you happy, you are a good friend and i'll always be greatful. You have even helped me get dressed, washed my hairm, brushed my hair cooked my food so much for me. Its been a rocky road but u've stuck by me. i love you as a friend and would be lost know im always here for you. xx

Wow and who can forget Sarah a friend for life i love you mate and of course sam for just knowing what to say. I love the bones of you to, we should do more together. xxxx

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