Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My aunty and uncle

I have often refered to them as my second parents because growing up they was always there for me. I didn't know my mum was very sick when i was growing up but i know now that they would have been there for me if she would have died sooner than she did.

Because when my mum was rushed into hospital there was only one person my mum and dad would call my aunty and uncle and they came and i went to the house for my brother because my mum trusted them with her children. I remember asking my aunty on facebook "is my mum going to die" i knew the answer already deep down i knew some thing wasnt right.

But only my aunty and uncle could come and tell me in the kindest and loving way they did, just they had the words to tell me it was horrible to hear but i trusted them that i would be ok. They supported me through that time by pursuading me to see my mum and i thank you for that time and time again because if it wasnt for you i may not have gone and seen my mum which i would have regreted. You took chrage of the funeral arrangements when me and dad could just not have done those things we didnt have the strength you showed, the love and compassion you showed. Of course it didnt end there you helped my mum with the planning to and on top of all of that you stood in the church and spoke for the family which is more i could have done, you were so brave and i really looked up to you and was thankful you could do that for our family, your inner strength that day will always stay in my heart.

But beyond that you took me to university with i think everything but the kitchen sink! You have been happy for me when ive achieved things from school to now. You've taken me places and helped me figure out how to get places. You've given me advise and shown me love and kindness through out my life, you'd take me places with you and your own children. You've come to hospital appointments me. You have in some ways gone beyond an aunty and uncle. I know i can always talk to you that you're there at the end of the phone.

To my other Aunties and Uncles you are all VERY special to me and i love you all and im thankful for the support you have shown me over the years.

When i was young my granddad always told me family was important. I have the best family a girl could wish for xx

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