Friday, 13 January 2012


So its ironic now i have so much on my plate after Christmas has gone. I have appointments coming in thick and fast every single day! I get to meet my new rheumatologist in 2 weeks. I have university work to do, i have other things to get done and take part in. I now hit fatigue. In the last 24 hours ive slept 16 hours and yet i am still tired. I suspect i'll go to bed shortly because i'm that tired!

I'm ok other than the fatigue, ive put another 1lb on thats great news. I have managed to take some steps unaided, i have to build it up slowly its all about baby steps. I had a phone call to say my physio is starting again in 2 weeks, i have also got my multi-agency meeting occuring a week on wednesday. So i have all that coming up to.

I have tickets to go and see Olly Murs in February then im off to Disney on Ice in march and then JLS!

Feeling quite isolated as i am sleeping so much i think it will get better though once im over this patch, fatigue is the worse because you just have no energy, eating using a lot of energy as does just getting out of bed. I know it will get better thought just got to fight myway through.

2012 is going to be a long and busy year but thats exciting its better than sitting around doing nothing.

I have my fencing finally re-starting which i am excited about! Plus my photography group and even a book club to add to my busy schedual but new friends, new year, new fun, new path!

Happy new Year everyone :)

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