Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Twitter friends

So i bet your sat there thinking what a strange post but this and the next will make sence when you fully read them.

See when i first got Rheumatoid i didnt really use twitter but as i got sicker and less able i started useing it more and more and it became a place were i could talk to fellow people fellow football fans about my passion of football.

Ive had some great support from complete stranger like with my weigh and how im feeling low and just generally being able to talk. It may sound sad but i look forward to logging on because i know i will laugh and smile more than i do the rest of the day because even though you may not realise you have indeed pulled me through some really dark and lonely days. Just the hey vicky how are you? or what did you think of the game makes me feel like i have a friend who seeing me beyond the rheumatoid. When i crn't sleep there is always someone around. When i needed christmas present advise i had advise. When i needed some to make me feel better about have care agency in someone was there to make me laugh .. bet what time they would arrive and how long they would stay!

You see you may think you do nothing but you do, you make me smile and laugh and that is pricesless to me. Some ive really confided in about my life and we joke about football teams or we laugh about a football whos always in the news at transfer window lol.

You have become my friends, people who can make me laugh and simply because you just see me as me you see past the rheumatoid. But also i have meet many suffers through twitter and you give me inner strength to carry on as well.

Thank You, i hope you know who you are and i hope you are reading thing all of you.


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