Tuesday, 24 January 2012

facebook friends

What can i say?

WOW my facebook rheumatoid community you are AMAZING i love every single one of you, infact i look up to many of you, the compassion the friendship the love you have shown me is amazing. You have shown me how to keep going when things have got really tough you made me get my ass in gear to get my self going instead of crying my heart out you made me believe i could carry on. THANK YOU

To my none rheumatoid friends thank you for everything for your kinda words, your support your love, your attempts to understand by reading this blog i really do love you lot. I know its been hard for many of you to see me go through this and you will not understand how much it has meant for you to stand by me not just through the rheumatoid but everything else ive known many of you a long time and you have been on this journey with me.

So its a big thank you from me :)

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