Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Has my blog worked

So for the past 4 months i have been writting this blog and i am sure you will remember me saying that it was my biggest achievement last year. I feel that it has raised awarness for my own family, my own friends, my lovely tweet family and of course the many hundreads of people who read this across the world who i have never spoken to or come into contact with. I thank you all.

This blog has really helped people understand this condition across the world, you guys rocks. Keep spreading the word of the blog and if you ever have chance let people know "rheumatoid arthritis isn't arthritis"

I start new physio on Monday and a week later i meet my new consultant which i am looking forward to meeting and hopful we will maybe get my condition under better control.

For now though i will just keep going the best i can. I have called a meeting next week were my condition will be discussed with many people and hopefully this will only help my cause.

Thank You Everyone for reading and keeping up with my blog .. lots of posts coming your way soon :D

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