Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Accepted a wheelchair

At the start of 2011 i was walking all be it very slow and very painful, i was walking. Then i just couldnt cope any more. I walked into tesco gripping on to my ex and my brother for dear life and got asked "do you want a wheelchair" i accepted it was deverstating. The i went to vote in the election and a little old women said do you want to use my wheelchair dear? I declined.

I realised shortly after that i had to buy a wheelchair, i had mixed emotions. I was loosing my mobility my ability to do silly thing like walk to the loo, walk the dog, play in the park with my couisin and her girls.

I felt as if my life was over, i felt so low, i wont lie there have been some very tough times, ive cried for hours, why me? why now?

I have my wheelchair now ive had it 5 months best thing ive ever done i can go shopping, take part in sports see my friends, go to concert, enjoy a game of football, its allowed some of my life back different but its back.

Special thanks at this point to wembley brillent wheelchair facilities to manchester united i can not praise you enough. But most of all to everyone that has pushed me, nearly tiped me out, hills, beaches and everything in between!


  1. I don't have to use my wheelchair that often and hate it when I do...but if it means I get to go to the zoo or a museum or something, then I suck it up and sit in the chair. I like being in control and my chair doesn't allow me to be: it can only be pushed~the wheels are small, not the kind I could try to wheel myself with...but this is our life...yes?

  2. certainly is our life, we just suck it up and get on with it. yeah mines a push only as could use a self prepelled one! x