Friday, 28 October 2011


You no not many of you will no this, but some of you will. I went to catering college when i was a youngster the rip old age of 16! I enjoyed it ive always had a passion for cooking, i just love feeling the ingrediance. I love seeing a loaf of bread rise the smell of home made bread is just special!

Anyway when i got RA it got took away from me i could no longer do my fav past time, cook a batch of cupcakes, cook a roast. It actually made me cry at the start. Now i take comfort from reading about others adventures in the kitchen, seeing my brother cook, and no i havnt got to do the washing up!

I still read my monthly magazines, Good food mags and baked and delic i still love reading recipes and thinking how id execute them. I no longer get upset that i can not do it myself but i no that i can still pass on my wisdom to others. One day ill make another cake not sure how yet but i will why because i WANT TO!

Never give up :)

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