Monday, 31 October 2011


Oh what a day! This morning i got woken up at 9.45am i had only been asleep about 20 mins! I wasnt to happy at all! My carer and i did the normal, get up, get dressed but my shoulder joints were hurting to day so i didnt manage to get my pj top off which was a little disappointing as id have liked to with the appointments i had, but never mind it comes with being ill i guess. We had a chat after i was read for my day, we talked about general stuff, its always nice to be able to have a chat with people.

Then i have to admit i fell asleep my body must have been fighting its self hard today. Had about an hour. Then my first appointment of the day came, were we talked about making things easier for me and what other things i could get involved in to keep me meeting new people because its quite hard some times being housebound unless you have a faithful friend or support worker to take me out, but i have my TV and i can update my blog when i have a few moments to my self.

Then my second appointment arrived, my occupational theropist, she recently managed to get me two ramps to my property which enables me to go out espically when i get my outdoor wheelchair, the world will be again my oyster! Today we looked at my kitchen we decided that we are going to get one of the work surfaces lowered for me to make things a little bit easier and who no's maybe this will be the start of me being able to cook again, i'll keep trying! We also talked about how my shoulders were being affected because of having the manual wheelchair and having to scoot myself round with my good leg and shoulders were of course being used to help me turn.

After she left i rang my social worker for a chat as i felt i should keep her updated with what was going on. We are going to have a big meeting soon with all my support people to try and make sure i am getting all the support i need as well as going to the doctors next week!

I then went shopping with my dad for some food, we put a basket on my lap as i didnt need much! Me and my dad shouldnt go shopping together as between me and you he can not hear so you have to shout then he says why you shouting! I love him very much he's my dad but it is so fustrating some times!

Then i came home had some food, had some bagels today for a change not very "heart" healthy but as i tell my cardiologist i can not do much else let me eat what i like! It is so yummy!

Then i had my breavement counciling this evening. We talked about a lot of different things. You see loosing my mum hit me very hard she was my best friend, my fountain of knowledge my comfort when i was sick to! When i lost my mum shortly after i lost "able vicky" i became some one with "Rheumatoid" its like a grief process but it gets easier.

I will have to tell you more about the grief process from "able vicky" to "rheumatoid vicky" its been a tough ride i wont lie. Id also like to share with you my grief of loosing my mum back in August 2008 along with a lot of other stuff.

But no this I am proud to be sharing my story to every one who is reading this. It gives me inner strength. Thank you everyone, i really mean it.

Oh and lastly HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my readers x

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