Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November 1st

Well last night i hit the fatigue patch, i was not expecting that. I became sleepy the next think i knew i was in bed before 1am which is most unusual for me. I must have gone out like a light because i woke up at around 6am for a drink then i was asleep again! I didnt even hear my dad come in or go out, he said he walked the dog i had not even realised! The next thing i knew the carer was going "vicky." I felt awful this morning when i got up, my back was hurting i am sure it is the way i'm sleeping and then my shoulders felt awful.

I got myself up with a bit of huffing and puffing! Went into bedroom i really did not want to get dressed today but i had to because my brother was meant to be coming over to go order my dads 70th birthday cake. So i stuggled with my carer to get my top on. I was finally ready then the carer gave me my laptop charger and it was broken, its been on it's way for a while now.

My brother was running late so i was sat here waiting for agies in the end i rang him and he was still in bed! So i rang the NIA to see if they had any wheelchair seats for Disney On Ice with my couisin and her little girl but they didnt have any, i was disappointed. Oh well ive to look into a childrens event in april see if we can get tickets for that instead, forward planning, i do that a lot. Then my brother arrived, we went into town to order my dads cake, we had a square cake with a hot air balloon on it with "happy 70th dad" it will look really good.

Due to my laptop being broken we then went to worcester i couldnt drive it was way to painful. So dad drove and we looked for a laptop charger but they did not have any in the end i decided it was best to buy a new one,. But i didnt like any in that shop so we went to tesco and i was lucky enough to get one that was light weight and the keys are a lot easier for me to touch so it means less stress on the joints. You have to really think about things from clothes to technology if you can actually use them, you have to think will i be able to lift it when im on my own, on camera's you have to look at how they operate as some have those little knobs at the top were you have to turn them to get various pieces of the camera.

I came home and got some tea i couldnt go to college because im physically exhausted, my dear body is full of fatigue she says yawning! My good knee is hurting me to and my shoulders are still hurting. Ive had to take painkillers today because of the pain. Im going to chill out and watch some football, im listen to my music but i can not!

Live life to the full, dont have regreats, enjoy every moment.

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