Sunday, 20 November 2011

Clothes and me

In the past i loved clothes and shopping. New clothes gave me pleasure trying them on adding then to my already bulging wardrobe just made me smile! But then when i got Rheumatoid my relationship changed with clothes, they nio longer fitted the way they should, they were hard to get on and off, being a size 6 you see it my clothes always fitted the way they should, i got really discruntled with clothes and i no longer wanted to buy new ones, whats the point if you can not wear what you in your size? So i ended uop with the classic hoodie and combats, comfortable and practicle.

It dawned on me though so wat if i have to wear a size 8 and clothes are a little baggy what really matters is i can wear what i like i have my relationship back with clothes. Yeah people may think why is she wearing clothes that are a little big on her but u no what who carer's its part of my condition it sucks but i want to feel like VICKY again.


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