Thursday, 3 November 2011

up and down!

Had the same person in again last night which is nice i like having the same people in it settles me and i sleep better on top of that the dog is more settled, plus you can have a conversation with people and really get to know them which is nice.

I woke up this morning i was so shattered as i hadnt slept well at all. I had my support worker in which was nice as had a good chat worked though things that were playing on my mind. Then a huge thunder storm started and my road was flooded on top of that my ramp looked more like a river than a ramp. Which meant my support worker had to wait for a lift as it was really bad outside. Then i fell asleep and woke up when my dad turned up, deary me.

I had my food which was nice but i was tired, so after my dad left i just sat and watched some tv. My couisin came later for me to have my reiki, i arrived back and the carer was sat outside but it was only 9.20pm so she was running early. I feel great after reiki pain is low tonight it always is after ive had my reiki treatment its really good for me!

Over all today ive tried to relax and catch up with some sleep as i hardly slept last night. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.


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