Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Friends like mine

I dont often go into stuff like friends but this is a blog dedicated to some of the best friends a girl could wish for you.

I have meet a lot of people of the years, from school days, college days and lots of other places. I have made friends on facebook/ twitter in the recent months.

I am so lucky to have so many friends surrounding me that all care about me and want me to successed they often say they are proud of me and what i have achieved with my blog. I have friends who i have known for years who are always there for me they give me a hug when times get tough they tell me things will be ok.

I recently had my battle with eating again and i had such support from my friends.

My friends have pulled me through some dark days in the past and continue to be there for me in the good times to. I am so PROUD OF YOU all because you have all achieved your dreams you are working so hard. One of my friends graduated with her law degree and i never told her this but when she told me she had got her degree i cried because i was so proud of her achievement. When my friend got her degree in teaching i cried because i am so so proud.

My best friend i am so greatful to her because throught everything i have been through she has been there for me right by my side shes told me its ok, shes told me that she will stahnd by me through everything.

My Rheumatoid friends I AM SO PROUD of you all for fighting this condition each and every single one of you live every day with the same condition as me and you are all hero's in my eyes you are all achiever's for living your lifes the way you do.

I guess there's only one place to finish this and thats to say you guys make me so happy and i am honoured to have you all as friends weather you have a CHD, RA or your healthy your all my friends and i'd be lost with out you.


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