Thursday, 1 December 2011

Moving forward

Today has been a long day i had 3 appointments and luckily i was able to attend all of them. My reiki as always was fantastic although im sure my couisin is getting to good with contacting the angels!

Had a breakthrough today with my food i had Pasta for the first time in years and yum yum it tasted good after the inital panic! Really proud of myself, pats one self on the back, its been a tough ride but hey there is some light!

The main news today is i have decided to hold a huge meeting with my care and support team literally everyone! There will be a lot of people there with a lot of opinions i am sure of that. One thing i know is i have to create some information of Rheumatoid Arthritis from MY view how it affects me. Whats the main aim of the meeting simple really to get the support team working together to help me. I know some may think wow shes brave and yeah i think so to, i'll be in a room with a lot of people who want to help me but all have different views and ways of helping me. Surely though by me doing this it can only help me. I hope it goes well! I am taking my couisin from my family moral support! She can also say how Reiki helps me.

So tonight i have wrote my letters and so this can be posted in the coming days so hopefully every one can make it. Ive also started on a presentation now maybe it is me but it's already 6 slides long and i have hardly started!

I shall keep you up dated on my progress maybe even share a slide of my powerpoint presentation the fact of Rheumatoid.

For now though i'll leave it there.


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