Friday, 30 December 2011

My 2011 review!

This past year for me has gone really quickly, i dont have many words for the past year if i am honest, it has been painful, tearful, joyful. It has taught me a lot in many respects, one thing is accepting helping some times isnt such a bad thing after all! I have wished i could go back to my dads but now i am glad i didn't. I have enjoyed seeing friends and family, going to the football.

My one stuggle this year other than my Rheumatoid is with my weight its been a long and hard struggle. As i write this 31/12/11 i am eating much better than i was earlier in the year. I have not reached my target of 6 stone but i am making stead progress which is often the best type. Its been heart breaking seeing my weight so low and then starting to eat more and not seeing the results i wanted desperatly. But its starting to happen now the weight is building and i will get there with the help and support that i have in place.

My rheumatoid was covered in a previous post but u'll know its been a tough year a real rollercoaster.

This year i have started to deal with the loss of my mum properly and it is painful talking about her on a monday evening but it is helping me see the light.

Highlights of my 2011 .. getting my dog back, hes the best he's a little bit of trouble but i feel so safe with him and he comoforts me when im not feeling well.

in Feb Birmingham city won the carling cup and then we went on a european tour. Manchester United won their 19th title the excitment of that was massive! My brother and i went to see Gary Nevilles Testimonal and Paul Scholes both legends at Old Trafford. We also saw the Charity Shield at Wembley that was a truely fantastic day!

I have seen Take That live at Wembley Stadium, 2 Premier League Games, Jessie J live in Birmingham The Saturdays in London.

A week with my best friend .. we went to the coast and saw my other friend and her beautiful baby was lovely to catch up, we went to London, we cooked a roast,we also went to manchester and saw the football! we went on safari and we went to the zoo it was a great week very tiring but worth every minute of the week of pain that followed!

This year saw my brother turn 18, an adult in his own right! Ive made some new friends, rekindled old friends. Enjoyed my football alot along with my new love of darts! Just so many sporting highlights for me to mention!

So whats been missing well vicky at times shes been lost and confused and upset, but as we go into 2012 in 23 hours time i will be sure to make a promise to myself that i will refind myself and i wont give up fight my battle and as for Rheumatoid it wont beat me! I will continue to raise awareness of this condition.

I hope to do my friends and family proud. I thank those that have helped me this year in many different aspects, thank you everyone.

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