Saturday, 3 December 2011

lads n me

im a 26 year old women, i have feelings i want to achieve so much more than i currently am but rheumatoid has got me in its grips and its trying to beat me and its trying but i'm still fighting im fighting you rheumatoid you hear me?

The worse thing for me is feeling like i'll never have some one special again, ive loved before i know that feeling the butterflies. I'm not so confident these days because of the wheelchair. I have rheumatoid tho im still the same person, im in pain daily i get a bit grumpy some times but im still me.

It hurts when people say "i couldn't be with some one with RA" Well why the heck not hey whats wrong with me? i still got the personality you like, i still got the smile .. im not saying im good looking im just saying i am still me. I am still vicky i am still a person with feelings. Think before you speak.

Oh and RA wont stop me one day ill find some one special until then i'll just be me.

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