Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas :)

Over the christmas period i choose not to have anyone come in because i felt that i didnt know when i was going to be home and if i was out when i was going to be in and didnt want to be restricted!

I was fine but as the days went by i got pain coming back more and more, i felt rather miserable, i didnt just miss my gel and help but i missed those that have become friends, the general chat!

Christmas day was ok apart from a hit of fatigue, after lunch with my dad and brother i went to sleep for 2 hours in the arm chair as did my 70 year old dad! I didnt feel bad! Well i should mention my dad hurting his leg then the turkey fat exploding in his face, honestly it was a comical moment!

I have eaten a lot this festive season more than i normally do in probably a week! It has been very good for me i am sure ive put some weight on!

Boxing day i saw my cousin, aunty, uncle and the kids i had a wonderful time we laughed and joked. Played with the kids toys, it was rather funny seeing the eldest kangeroo hop around the room on her battery quad! We went for a walk or should i say push up on the licky hills which was fantastic as ive not been up there for a while, it was bitter cold and the wind was up! But i loved being up there!

Overall this festive season has been filled with seeing family and friends, eating a lot of food! Also sleeping a lot i seem to be so tired recently but also insomnia what is normal sleep!

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