Friday, 2 December 2011

Dreams can come true

This blog is simply about my dream in life. I'm 26 years old right now. When i was younger i had a dream that dream was to be trained in law and practise. I did my A Levels and then i got in to university on the south coast it was proudest moment i had gotten into law school i was following my dream. Then a life changing event happened and my dream was shattered, i always hoped one day i'd grow strong enough to return and achieve my dream. I tried again but then my mum got sick and i still didnt trust the system. So i left it and i watched my university year graduate i saw them turn in to solicitors and barristers and i am so proud of them.

With my rheumatoid came on i though i'd never go back to my passion my hobby, because of the hard work and the mental pressure and with rheumatoid it is hard. but you know what ive been bothering my self about it recently since i started my teaching training.

I AM FOLLOWING MY DREAM i'm going back im going to graduate despite the rheumatoid, you can still achieve your dreams it may be harder and take longer but never give up on your dreams


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