Thursday, 8 December 2011

Shoulder Saga Continues

We are now on Thursday and i have 1 week to get my shoulder in order. It is still very painful and flexibility isnt great. Ive not been able to get my pj top of for a few days its been a real pain esp as my week is really busy, im next free next wednesday and i have so much to do to get all appointments in order before i go to london as when i get home i dont really want to be going to appointments i want to enjoy the week before christmas! Keep your fingers crossed my shoulder starts to behave! The worse is at night as you dont move much so my shoulder becomes stuck in one position and its so painful to move it, makes me cry.

Had reiki this evening which felt really good i even got a sleep! I can tell it has done my shoulder some good because it feels a little less painful. I am hoping i sleep tonight as i only got literally an hour and everyone has said how tired i look today im exhausted.

Had a little meltdown last night/early hours i just lost the fight. Im ok though it was just the pain and how much i dont want to miss going to london next week ive been waiting 6 months for this i am going to LONDON dam you shoulder you will behave yourself!

Thanks to my friends for your kind words means so much.

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