Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sleep and stuff

As you will know the past few days have been a total nightmare for me with my pain in my shoulder and resulted in no good quality sleep. Well last night i got 8 hours and it was great and then i had an extra hour today in between going out with my brother to post some xmas cards and pick a few bits up for the week.

Came home and had my hour sleep woke up in the worse mood as my brother was ment to come for tea but he didnt! Never mind i still ate the only problem is im weighing myself weekly to see whats happening and i'm still not gaining any which is a bit of a worry to be honest but im sure it will start soon enough once my body decided it wants to absorb the food again.

In a good mood today first time this week and ive been very emotional most days having a good cry about life with rheumatoid and the wheelchair, the implications of the wheelchair on my life both just for me and in terms of a relationship.

Ill blog about that tomorrow and its a blog all on its own my feels about that topic.

Anyway apart from a bad knee, sore back im starting to feel better! Long week a head lots of appointments.


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