Friday, 2 December 2011


i often sit and wonder why me? why have i got this? why crnt i go back to not having rheumatoid. but i crnt go bk only forward. when people say what they are up to i get upset because i use to do that to.

why im single after 10 years .. why i guess its my rheumatoid ive loved in the past .. ive liked ive fancied but i dout ill ever experience love again because im different now i have rheumtaoid and this condition is hard for any one to deal with .. cuz i my self crnt accept it so how can any one else try and understand life with it?

my dad said to me a few weeks a go "men like to protect you from pain and they crnt protect you so it hurts them"

some one said "friends will stand by you because they no your still vicky"

who am i ..

  • fun loving
  • flirt - yes i am!
  • out going
  • talkative
ive got my problems but im still vicky..

proud to be me with my battle scares badge of honour .. rheumatoid suffer .. tof surviver

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