Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Freetime useful or not

Its ironic really because i have such a lot on every day often i have 2 or more appointments on each day it can be a little hectic but it is worth it because some times it just helps me get things off my chest or some times it helps me to see how i can sort some thing else from an outsiders perspective and some times it helps me see that it's not being unreasonable!

So this week is mad busy but tonight and tomorrow i have nothing on nothing at all, im free to do what ever takes my fancy and you no what i am so bored! I have nothing to focus my mind nothing to be preparing for! Its a strange feelings it is some times unsettling, because i am so use to the appointments to people coming in and out that when it stops i have to find things to do!

Its strange because you look forward to having that day off but then when you have that day off and because your physically limited you crn't actually do anything you think well i wish i was at an appointment, had to do some thing.

But when your busy its like i wish i had 5 mins to look at paint colours for my hallway or so i can catch up with old friends but when you have free time those things can never be done maybe friends are busy or you crnt get out to look at paint so the free time is almost pointless.

So i guess you can never win free time or no free time

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