Sunday, 4 December 2011


Today is a cold day here. I woke up in pain this morning my knee's playing up. When i came in to the living room i was cheered up to see the christmas tree always lovely! Then opened my advent calander yummy. I go to my dads on a sunday for lunch i always have. For the first time ever i could get to the table this week, my dads house is a big old house and its always cold my brother doesn't help having his windows open! Anyway so i sat and ate my lunch on the sofa with my brother nice as always crn't beat a sunday lunch. Its just cold though my joints are really playing up. I came home lay on the sofa watched the FA cup draw my teams both have derby's so should be a rather interesting weekend to say the lease. I ended up fast asleep and woke uop about an hour later. The fatigue got me.

Its strange but many suffers say they can tell when the weather is bad or there's rain because there joints play up. I have had a bad week over all and guess what the weather has been bad and cold all week! Hopefully things will be better next week.

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