Friday, 30 December 2011

RA year review!

Tomorrow i intend on doing a general 2011 review .. But tonight i want to look at a few things ...

Firstly this blog is my proudest achievement this year so Thank you for reading.

This is my 3rd year with rheumatoid and i wont lie its been the tougest yet to face. For many reasons really. The pain has become simply unbearable at times, the fatigue and insomnia have driven me to ultermate dispare and often tears.

Its also been hard from a personality and friendship side, ive made many new friends but equally seen friends struggle with the condition as it has simply got worse. I've been so proud of my family and how they have coped and adjusted to the Rheumatoid this year. My personality has been very tearful at times but its also brough me some really tough times.

But the main thing is the new joints its affected in fact i fear all my joints have had a flare this year! Loosing my ability to walk has been the hardest to overcome but im stronger and better mentally than i was initally.

So Rheumatoid you have changed my life this year in many ways but im still fighting you.

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