Sunday, 13 November 2011

Yesturday, late!

So today has been a strange old day. I got up with a scowl on my face but then cheered my when my brother said he’s go into town with me to get a few bits, so i got ready enthusastically, i noticed some thing my arm wasn’t hurting it been painful for months but suddenly it wasnt hurting it felt really good, to feel no pain! Then my brother picked me up and off we went into town, i got all my christmas cards which im going to write tomorrow, i also got my nans photo frame for xmas and a little gift for my friends daughter and a few other bits! Then i came home poped online and spoke to a friend and my aunty and arrange to go and see Santa next week at webbs with my couisin and the girls, yes i am looking forward to it at 26! I asked my friends for their address’s so that i could send everyone’s card to the right address! Then an old friend poped in for a couple of hours we had a good chat and catch up, yet again i got another kick up the ass to get stronger and start living life again. After he left dad was here for food i had 2 bagels today and a yoghurt after wards i am trying so hard to get myself sorted. Dad left i came back on the laptop for a bit and watched the england match, i could not believe it we won again spain the world champions a great result for england, well done super frank lampard, or should i say captain frank! Then i feel asleep on the sofa, i must have gone flat out! Next thing i knew my carer was here! We had a good chat and yet again i got a kick but its what i needed to have. When she left i felt a lot happier in myself. I went back on the laptop put my tunes on and had a good chat to friends on facebook and twitter about some random stuff. I am off to my dads tomorrow for lunch as always. I am determind to fight back.

Thank you to everyone of you who is standing by my side in this battle and telling me what needs to be said. Lifes a challenge you can win but you need your friends and family by your side because they keep you going espically on the tough days.

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