Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Its been a long week with many different things happening. Monday i was dreading breakfast now it just seems a natural thing to have each morning, even i found it odd this morning how it just happened! Which is fantastic i can not actually believe the progress in that area.

Then my evening meal to have the food cooked and served by some one else is a real achievement today 2 people actually handled my food who would have though that a mear few days a go certainly not me. Now i am looking forward to a meal out with my friends next month in london and even a potential meal out with one of my carer's what a turn around in such a short space of time. I feel pround of my self, relieved, my eating can only become stronger its scary getting to a point when you just dont no what you can do any more, like when you look at food and feel like crying and you use to enjoy it, its like a real sureal feeling. Im also trying to snap out chocolate of course the occasional bar wont hurt but if its in my daily life i could easily slip back to relying on it and become dependant on it and believe me when you can eat 6 bars of milkybar in a row and it seems normal and you crnt see why people think its nit ok to then not eat a meal its a real problem. I think back to only last week and it makes my cry im very lucky ive been caugh this time so quickly from falling, im lucky to have some wonderful carers.

On my electric wheelchair its going really well, i am so pleased but fustrated i want to get out and about! Its going ok ive only a few times took out the door frame, the battery pack to its all good practise!

Feeling ok in general bit stiff but pain is bearable to day. RA has been making me thunk about things in and i realise you have to go for it when you can because you simply never no what this condition will do next. I hope one day to see all the places on my travel map because i have yet to see them and its a long standing dream of mine.

life is tough but achievable keep going when things get tough because each and everyone of you can achieve your dreams with a big smile and the support from those that love you weather thats, supportive fruends, family or people who share you problems or share your dream wveryone has some one to believe in them.


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