Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Flare up long one

Evening all,

As i am sure you have all realised i have not been blogging much this past week, i am sorry as i no many of you like reading my blog. However i have had a rocky few days with my rheumatoid and to be honest i have not been up to much.

It all started a few days a go with my hands really hurting then i noticed they were swelling anf going red my knuckles in particular. My hands just hurt so i was doing as little as possible took a day off facebook to try and rest. They started feeling better and as it was my mums birthday on Friday i really did not want rheumatoid to stop me spending time with my family and just enjoying seeing them as my mum loved seeing family on her birthday. So i went out with my couisin, uncle and little girls to an indoor play area i didn't play though i whatched and waved to the eledest and sat with the youngest! I had a hot chocolate with my family, i could not even lift the cup it was huge and uncomfortable for me so i got the tea spoon and spooned it out! I then had my carer in the afternoon was still rough but the bath helped with the hot water my joints eased. Then Saturday i thought you know what its the run up to christmas so i decided to get my ass in to gear and went out with my little brother. We went to Birmingham to the bullring were i managed to get another jumper one that isnt fitted so really ease to get on and off when in a flare! Then we went to look at the German Market, it was lovely it was my first time as before now ive been in a relationship and had various comitments to see family friends so never had time to do anything for me. Anyway it was cold and it was packed had a few knocks on my knee's which i did not appreciate. I enjoyed my day out thought as it is always nice to see and spend time with my brother he's 18 now so wont be long til he hasn't got time to spend with his big sister!

Anyway sunday morning i woke up and OMG i was in pain my whole body felt like it had been hit by a bus, it was flared and hurting. I managed to get my new jumper on thank goodness i brought it when i did. I stuggled to eat my sunday lunch because my body was hurting so bad my hands looked like little football's it wasn't nice experience at all. I managed to get through the day with a long nap, i thought i would feel better in the morning as i had a busy day.

Monday morning came and OMG i was going no were my good knee felt like it had been hit with a hammer over night and you could feel the heat coming off both my knees and my hands and shoulders even my hips. My carer got me dressed in case i went to my appointments but i knew i wasnt going to be going. I rang my physio and said i can not come in which she agreed, cancelled my X-Ray also. Then had to cancel my breavement councilour to. I was not in any state for anything. I lay on my sofa and stayed there i went back to sleep around 11am and dad woke me up at around 3pm! My whole body hurt. I came online to catch up with my friends but it was painful, my good knee clicked and i could not move it for a while i was not happy, lucky for me i managed to get it moving again but it hurt so bad the mussell's surrounding my knee joint were hurting i move my leg i could have cried. Both my evening carer actually said i was not good i was very stiff and just "not herself" which says it all really as i am normally really up beat! I went to bed in pain and woke up in pain.

I was ment to be out tonight but i decided it was best not to, i was hoping to go football also but again i decided it was not the best thing to do as still not right. Spent the day sleeping and cuddled up on the sofa with the dog and a bunch of girlie films which one made me cry!!! I have been in pain again today but the main thing has been fatigue today, i am still in pain but i think coming to the end of this flare as i have managed a bit more to eat today.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day as i am feeling quite low due to this flare and i need to get things sorted out as i have a number of things going on in the run up to christmas and this flare has put me basically a week behind so now i have to hope i can get things sorted out quickly so i can as planned have no appointments or commitments in the week of christmas but i think thats out the window now as i have a Rheumatologist appointment on the nonday :(

I will blog tomorrow xx


  1. RA is a roller coaster! Hang in there and know you are not alone in this (but it sure feels like it sometimes doesn't it).

  2. Thank you, its a roller coaster that has been hard but ive meet some really lovely people through this illness that i now count as friends :)