Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lonely day

I could sleep last night because of the pain it was just awful. My shoulders were the worse and my good knee really got me kept getting a niggling pain so i did not sleep well at all.

I woke up to my carer here i wasnt exactly asleep i was stroking my cat but i just could not get out of bed because my shoulders could not have any pressure put on them as they were painful, i know it will get easier when this flare looses its power.

I sat waiting for my friend to arrive, but i did not think to check for my messages on facebook and ended up falling asleep! When i woke up i saw the message about what number do i live at now, i felt awful, but my body just fell asleep i could not have done anything.

Then i had to make several calls things are starting to get sorted now it is such a relief. I ran out of drink earlier and my dad wasnt due for about 3 hours and i couldnt lift a bottle of lemonade to get me a drink. I was very upset. So i just had to get on with it. Dad came i had my tea, my brother made me a pie for the next few days, it tastes good i miss being able to cook it myself.

My dad went and i fell asleep, lucky i woke up just in time for the Manchester United game i normally sleep through them. See football gives me such a buzz because no matter if you can not walk, you are fully involved in the game because its about passion and i have a lot of passion for football.

I have a few things on tomorrow but ill blog about that tomorrow. Its been a very lonely day ive only seen my morning carer and my dad today, it isnt fair i want to see more people than just that i am only 26 years old yet im housebound and it is really getting me down at the moment.

Just waiting for my evening carer now, thank goodness i have my online friends to chat to and of course my ever loyal dog Ben.

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