Tuesday, 8 November 2011


So after yesturdays excitment i got up this morning and decided it is time to make BIG changes! First its time to move forward get on with life, after all there is a life out there for me to have i just have to go out and get it! RA aint won yet!

I also have to get a grip on my food phobias, its scary when i look at how scared i am of food which is all relating to loosing my mum in 2008. It prevents me from going out with friends to eat, enjoying a piece of cake with my family for birthdays, it prevents me from trusting others to cook my food because i dont trust them. I know i have to get over this to gain more strength to move on wards and upwards! But more importantly it will help with my physio to. Eating phobia's are not some thing to be taken lightly they seriously damage a persons life, social events become a living nightmare. But with the help and support of both medical persons and friends and family you can of course beat it in time, it is a marathon not a sprint but it's worth it.

Went through things to day while i had some time to my self worked out what was importabt and wanted i wanted, you no all i want is to be HAPPY and have my family and friends around me.

Friends are your choosen family

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