Thursday, 24 November 2011

Catch up

So i have not bloged for a few days as my hands have been flaring and they were not up to blogging. They were extreamly painful and i kept getting pins and needles as well. Lucky for me they have improved enough for me to update every one :)

My new clothes arrived today! Its all very exciting! Todays i had my reiki which as ever was brillent it felt so good. Ive made a decision to re-look at finishing my Law degree. Also saw my doctor and he thinks my knee is a muscular problem. Which is good news as it gives more hope that it can be repaired. I also had a cry at the doctors because i found out he is retiring and he has been my GP my whole life, its a sad day. I saw my couisins, uncle and nan today which is always nice to see them.

Had a relativly quite few days with pain in my hands not been up to much really. I am sleeping better which is a plus and i have now gone 5 days with no gel on my shoulders which is a fantastic result for me and my arms are feeling good, so thats a real positive that some thing seems to be working at least!

Tomorrow is my mum's 50th birthday, i miss her so much this time of year she was my mum after all. She loved christmas and now the build up truely begins.

Oh yeah and i passed my practicle exam for my teaching qualification so i really am chuffed.

Blog more tomorrow as im feeling better now.

Much love x

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