Monday, 7 November 2011

Dads Birthday!

I had a late night last night i just could not settle at all. By the time i eventually got some sleep it must have been around 3am! Thats one thing i love about social media there is always some one around when you crn't sleep.

I got woken up by a large black labrador called Mel! She's my dads dog she came and lay down next to me on the bed while my dad walked Ben! I must have gone back to sleep as the next thing i knew my carer was here. I was in a lot of pain this morning i couldn't get myself up i couldn't even get my pj top off due to the pain in my arm. I had a good chat with my carer which was nice.

I then rang my social worker to try and sort out getting to the hospital. Luckily she agreed i could use my care agency to get to the hospital. Luckily they could fit in a call for me to get to the hospital. I managed to get my top off and put my hoodie on ready for my appointment. My brother poped in for 15 minutes to check i had everything ready for later.

I then i went to the hospital for my appointment. It was nice to talk to others, I'd never meet her before she was my new physio she was really nice and understanding. She thinks i need to see some one about my eating issues. She also said i have mussell wastage on my arms and both legs which is disappointing. She was impressed with my strength though which is fab and my movement in most of my joints is good. Well it was thought i had Rheumatoid in my shoulders as well but the good news is she thinks it isn't, how good is that? She thinks its strain from using the wheelchair. She looked at my knee and she has some plans to hopfully get me back on my feet, YES both feet! It may not work, i may not walk BUT she thinks there is some optamistic signs the fact she managed to get it a bit straighter with a message behind my knee! Im going to work really hard on mondays from now on, I WILL WALK or at least STAND again! Rheumatoid has not beaten me yet!

Physio said i was really inspirational for everything i have gone through and i am still fighting to get back my life back on track. There is always hope never give up on your self!

Then i spent some time with my uncle, couisin and my couisins little girls. The eldest sat in the wheelchair holding the umbella with me until we got the cake for my dad then she walked along side me. We went to my dads had chocolates and birthday cake with my dad and brother! Dad liked his gifts and cards and was godsmacked by the hot air ballon ride! I can not wait until March to watch his face as he goes up in it, while me and my brother spend 4 hours in the car waiting for him to get back! Overall dad had a good birthday1 Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

I came home and had a little cry on the phone to my aunty as i felt bad about how things were. But i must keep the positive thoughts up, who no's what will happen in 2012! Walking/standing even happiness.

Thats all from me!

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